Let's build dialogue

This course is designed for anyone without knowledge or experience in podcasting. You will learn the basics of podcast production using equipment around you and free software to edit your podcast. 

Conversations are great for building dialogue and sharing ideas. So hope you enjoy the journey to creating your own podcast.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About this course

    • Why Podcasting

  • 2

    Planning (PRE-PRODUCTION)


    • A. Objective

    • B. Content planning

    • C. Podcast types & structure

    • D. Script & Interview Questions

    • E. Equipment & Software

  • 3

    Recording (PRODUCTION)


    • A. Interview Set-up

    • B. Equipment & Software

    • C. Tips for better recording

  • 4



    • A. Editing

    • B. File format

    • GUEST Feedback

  • 5

    Host & Showcase


    • A. HOSTING


About Your Instructor

Director of Freshrb CIC

Kondwani Chirwa

Kondwani Chirwa is the Operations Director at Freshrb with 8+ years experience in video and podcast production. He is adept in the full spectrum of pre - post production techniques creative content production entails. Originally a Chemical engineering student from University of Leeds, he had a viral infection in 2011 that rendered him incapable of completing his studies beyond his Bachelor's degree. This diagnosis was then later confirmed to be Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in 2012. His initial passion for creative media production and drive for positive change motivated him to learn quickly, the skills required and the capacity to manage his energy level towards the completion of tasks. This enabled him to take up the company directors role at Freshrb C.I.C. He has brought his passion, insight and problem-solving skills from both a creative perspective and an administrative standpoint. ​As a social enterprise, Freshrb has offered Kondwani an opportunity to have a role in spite of his health condition, and we can see that his condition has started to improve based on purpose behind the venture. Freshrb in itself has been a therapeutic venture for Kondwani, bringing real life change to him personally and the local community.