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Welcome to the video production basics course. This exciting course that takes you on a quick and easy journey of how to produce professional looking video projects from the equipment you already possibly have in your hands. It takes you through all the stages of production, uniquely tailoring the approach to an entry level video production skillset. At the end of the course, you will be empowered and feel confident in producing/completing any video project now and in the future.

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  • 1

    Planning Your Video Project (Pre Production)

    • Introduction (Pre Production)

    • A: Objective and Audience

    • B: Examples of Video Styles

    • C: Equipment

    • D: Content Planning

    • E: Delivery (Storytelling and Structure Techniques)

  • 2

    Filming Your Project (Production)

    • Introduction (Production)

    • A: Production Techniques and Tips

    • B: Lighting and Composition

    • C: Audio

    • D: Presenting and Interviewing Techniques

  • 3

    Editing Your Project (Post Production)

    • Introduction (Post Production)

    • A: Editing (Mobile Phone)

    • B: Editing (Laptop/Desktop)

  • 4

    Launching and Optimising Engagement

    • Introduction (Launching and Engagement)

    • A: Uploading Content

    • B: Optimising Online Engagement

    • C: Taking Video Production Further

About Your Instructor

Founder and CEO of Freshrb C.I.C.

Oladamola Babalola

Oladamola Babalola also know as Mr. Babz is the CEO/Founder of Freshrb C.I.C. He has been a video production specialist with 13+ years experience in the pre - post production process of any video production project. With his experience as an intern at the BBC in 2008/09, graduating with a Masters in Marketing and being a digital marketing professional, he has been proficient in delivering video production solutions to national and international brands. He has also been skilled in delivering a versatile range of projects from short films to music videos. As a social entrepreneur, he is passionate about seeing a community of people with marginalised life limiting health conditions given a voice through documentaries, short films and other media channels. This all stemmed from when he was diagnosed with cancer (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma) in 2009. Through his experience with chemotherapy treatment, he built on his passion for video production and further discovered how the process of making videos acted as a therapeutic outlet for him to cope with the illness and also act as a powerful tool to communicate greater ideas to the public.


These are the skills you will walk away with by just taking part in this short online course.

  • Pre Production Skills

  • Storytelling and Structure Skills

  • Production, Framing and Composition Skills

  • Video Project Management Skills

  • Editing Skills

  • Audience Engagement Skills


Nationally Recognised Accreditation:

In order for you to get the nationally recognised accreditation in the UK from this course, you will need to have been part of one of our cohorts on the Freshrb and/or Silent Elephant Project workshop. Contact us at [email protected] for more details on these workshops. 

Online Only Certificate:

There is a certificate of completion that comes at the end of this course for those who go through this online resource. You can make a request for this upon completing every lesson in this online resource. 


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